Refund Policy

1. Who is Pubg Korea Uc Official?

Pubg Korea uc is a group of Pubg Lovers who can’t buy pubg uc because the rate of pubg’s Royal pass In India is Too high. If you want to buy a winner pass or Elite pass you must have 2000(two thousand INR) in your bank then you can buy this. In this site, you can buy pubg’s Royal or Elite pass is too cheap if you want to buy Winner pass or Elite pass from our site you must have saved 1000 INR.

2. What is this Return and Refund Policy?

(A).In keeping with Pubg Korea Uc’s goal of ensuring User satisfaction, this return and refund Policy (“Return and Refund Policy”), together with the terms of use, sets out Pubg Korea Uc’s procedures and policies in accepting Product returns, once a Product has been delivered to a User after purchase from the Platforms. Any return of Products by Users shall be governed by and subject to the terms and conditions set out under this Return and Refund Policy.

(B).Return Policy is Only applicable when Product has not been

If You have only ordered product and product has not been delivered then you can simply Request a Return and Refund request. Return and Refund Request can be Done by live support or Whatsapp message using your order id to initiate Refund Request

(C).Initiated Refund to the same method take up to 30min to reflect in your bank and up to 7days.

Payment Through Upi can Reflect instantly after accepting your return request (D). Refund Policy is Not applicable after the product has been delivered.


Refund Time- Monday To Saturday 9 A.M to 9 P.M